Dhoom (ayurvedic fumes for head)

Regular practice helps to relive heaviness of head, blocked nose, migraine, ear ache, eye pain, cough, hiccups, breathlessness, throat infections, weak teeth, eye and ear problems, foul odor from nose, halitosis, tooth ache, loss of appetite, lock jaw, spasm in neck, itching , salivation from mouth, bad voice, uvulitis, hair fall ,baldness, sneezing, lethargy, blocked brain, excess sleeping habits.

Dhoom if correctly done following effects are seen-

Heart, throat, and other organs get purified. Lightness in head is felt due to reduction of ‘dosha’.


Healthy person can do it twice a day. Preferably

  • After bath
  • After food
  • After vamana
  • After sneezing
  • After brushing teeth
  • After nasal drop
  • After Anjana
  • After waking up

Dhoom should be done only after 18 years of age.


Each time 3 snuff should be made for 3 times.

A person should always release smoke from mouth only. (Release of smoke from opposite direction may cause weakness of eyesight).

While having Dhoom sit straight, look forward, concentrate on Dhoom, close one nostril and inhale from the other.

Fix the ayurvedic stick into the ‘Dhoom netra’ (pipe) and burn it from other side.

Dhoom netra (pipe)

The length of pipe should be 36 fingers because at this length the force of smoke is less and it does not harm the sense organs.

Contra indication

It is contradicted immediately after purgation and after enema. In bleeding disorders, poisoning , sad, pregnant, tired and unconsciousness, in pitta aggravation, sleepless night, vertigo, thirst, weak persons, after having alcohol, milk, oil, honey, curd, person of vataprakriti’, during anger, head injury, headache, diabetic person.


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